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A. National Awards

  1. Star of Romania National Order;
  2. Faithful Service National Order;
  3. For Merit National Order;
  4. Faithful Service National Cross;
  5. Faithful Service National Medal;
  6. For Merit National Medal.

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B. Commemorative Awards

  1. Order of the Victory of the Romanian Revolution of December 1989;
  2. World War II Commemorative Cross;
  3. Anti-Communist Resistance Commemorative Cross;
  4. 150 Years since the Birth of Mihai Eminescu Commemorative Medal.

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C. Military Awards in Peacetime

  1. Military Virtue Order;
  2. Aeronautical Virtue Order;
  3. Maritime Virtue Order;
  4. Valour and Faith Order;
  5. Military Virtue Medal;
  6. Aeronautical Virtue Medal;
  7. Maritime Virtue Medal;
  8. Valour and Faith Medal.

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D. Civil Awards per Fields of Activity

  1. Agricultural Merit Order;
  2. Cultural Merit Order (A - Literature);
  3. Cultural Merit Order (B - Music);
  4. Cultural Merit Order (C – Fine Arts);
  5. Cultural Merit Order (D – Performing Arts);
  6. Cultural Merit Order (E – National Cultural Heritage);
  7. Cultural Merit Order (F – Promotion of Culture);
  8. Cultural Merit Order (G - Cults);
  9. Cultural Merit Order (H – Scientific Research);
  10. Cultural Merit Order (I - Architecture);
  11. Diplomatic Merit Order;
  12. Industrial and Commercial Merit Order;
  13. Educational Merit Order;
  14. Medical Merit Order;
  15. Sports Merit Order;
  16. Agricultural Merit Medal;
  17. Cultural Merit Medal (A - Literature);
  18. Cultural Merit Medal (B - Music);
  19. Cultural Merit Medal (C – Fine Arts);
  20. Cultural Merit Medal (D – Performing Arts);
  21. Cultural Merit Medal (E – National Cultural Heritage);
  22. Cultural Merit Medal (F – Promotion of Culture);
  23. Cultural Merit Medal (G - Cults);
  24. Cultural Merit Medal (H – Scientific Research);
  25. Cultural Merit Medal (I - Architecture);
  26. Diplomatic Merit Medal;
  27. Industrial and Commercial Merit Medal;
  28. Educational Merit Medal;
  29. Medical Merit Medal;
  30. Sports Merit Medal.

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E. Military Awards in Wartime

Mihai Viteazul Order*.

*Together with the war model of national awards, military awards in peacetime and the Medical Merit Order and Medal.

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F. Honorary Insignia

  1. The Eagle of Romania Honorary Sign (for members of Parliament);
  2. The Reward for Work in Public Service Honorary Sign (for civil servants);
  3. In Homeland’s Service Honorary Sign (for officers and equivalent special civil servants);
  4. In Homeland’s Service Honorary Sign (for under-officers and equivalent special civil servants).

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